Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's leftover n stuff bento

I just finished posting yesterday's bento. If you want to look it up, read my previous post.

Today I'm home. I still made myself a bento since I've decided that I would make one every weekday. See? I'm sticking to it! Here's the whole thing:

In the lower tier, I have steamed broccoli (with various spices) and cut up pepper and cucumber (again spiced). I divided the two with sushi grass but it doesn't show really against the broccoli. I used tiny broccoli florets to decorate the cut up veggies.

In the top tier I have left over potato salad from last night. That one's a favorite from Savoring Summer (Weight Watcher's cookbook). With that I spiced and sautéed shrimps and added them for proteins.

Here's what it looked like all packed up:

It's fairly simple, my husband didn't bring a bento to work today since he's eating out with buddies.

I'm having a vegetables attack these days. Bet the couscous is going to reappear soon. :o)

Happy Bento!

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