Thursday, March 6, 2008

A new bento boost!

I got a new box yesterday (see 2 post down!) and it inspired me. I'm not working today and still I prepared a bento for myself. I think I'll start doing that everyday, that way I'll be ready if I get a last minute call, and I'll have a small healthy lunch ready even if I'm home.

Last night I prepared some Curried couscous with pepper, carrots and shallots. I also steamed vegetables (broccoli and snow peas) and spiced them up. I used that in both bentos.

Here's my husband's box:

So you can see the green veggies and the couscous. I added 2 frozen Oyakis to complete the meal. It's not overly ornate, I had only a few minutes to throw it all together.

Here's my box:

My main goal this morning was to see how I could fill my new box. I think this works. It's not very ornate either, but I was just experimenting. My little silicone cups fit right in the box. I think that the red cup in the yellow box look just cute!

So I have the couscous in the smaller lower tier, and in the other tier I have steamed veggies, vegetable curry with barley (man that one's good! I didn't write the recipe as I made it snif!) I added 2 mini frittatas for extra proteins.

Would you believe all that yummy food fits in this tiny box? I'm having WAY too much fun with this. I feel like this is my first "legitimate" bento. I'm all proud!

He he he, I hope you can find as much fun in the little things of life as I do.

Happy Bento everyone!


  1. I think it is fun, but I think it is even more fun seeing you having so much fun with it! +1

  2. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I didn't have the support and encouragement of mister my husband now would it?