Friday, March 28, 2008

Butterflies again!

Yesterday I made some yummy Mediterranean Hummus, and I decided to pre-pack some for the bentos. With hummus comes cut veggies right? Ok, so then we had left over bulgur from last night, but no proteins. Oops!

I had to scramble a little this morning (literally) to make it work, but I did! Here's our bentos for the day:

In my own bento, I have:

Lower tier: Sliced red bell pepper and cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and hummus in my little green kitty container (isn't it cute?).

Top tier: Bulgur mixed with lentils and red kidney beans, and scrambled eggs (bettern' eggs actually) with Indian spices.

When I make cucumber sticks, I peel them in one big peel. Today I decided to wash the peels and cut out butterflies out of it and it turned out to be perfect for cutting shapes! I added butterflies in both tiers of my bento. That's my cutsiness of the day! I used the two butterflies cutters, no dog bone today!

My husband's bento has to be more manly n stuff so I limited my cutsiness there. ;op

On the left: Vegetable sticks with a little container of hummus (isn't that elephant container just cute? I had to sneak some cutsiness in there!), his trusty bag of baby carrots.

On the right: Bulgur with lentils (I skipped the kidney beans for him cause they weren't cooked, and he's not a huge fan of that) and scrambled better n' eggs.

I was afraid it wouldn't be enough proteins for mister 6'2" man, so I rolled up some deli ham and put it on a little sea critter skewer.

There's a bit of spaces in both bentos today. It was my husband's workout morning, so he leaves 30 minutes earlier. That gives me less time to put things together.

I think it'll be fine anyway, but I need to find fillers. Of course he needs a smaller box, but he won't let me buy him one cause this one is "just fine"!

MEN! I want to shop for more stuff, and I can't justify buy ME more... Spoilsport! He he he

Happy Bento everyone!

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