Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shopping expedition at Daiso

Today was adventure day! We took off for San Francisco for some much needed "escape from cow country". We like living in Sonoma County, but San Francisco still feels like home, and we need to hit the pavement every once in a while.

Anyway, all that to say that we decided to drive through San Francisco to hit the Serramonte Center south of San Francisco. There I visited Daiso, the $1.50 Japanese store. I was in bento heaven, they had everything. I had to really force myself to think about what I will REALLY use because I would have bought the place down. I think I demonstrated a lot of self control, I spent only $21!

Here's all my goodies put together:

So in the picture below there is:
* 4 little condiment bowls (top left corner)
* A little fork that fits with my favorite yellow bento (top right corner)
* 2 egg molds (middle left)
* New bento belts (middle right)
* A little napkin container with a little washing cloth (bottom left corner)
* Plastic-paper cups that are big enough to put curry in, and water safe since they are plastic coated.

In this next picture there is the two packs of little picks/skewers. One pack (on the left) is animals, and the other pack (to the right) is sea life. They are super cute aren't they?

Finally I bought two little cooler bags that are just big enough to put my bentos themselves. The idea is to use those to keep the food fresh, and put the whole thing in a bag (or a cloth basket I made, see previous post) along with the other things I need to carry.

So there! They had my bento I bought at Sugar charm, with all the accessories. For less than I paid for the box itself, I could have had the whole thing :o/

Oh well, live and learn, I'm gonna stop by Daiso and Ichiban Kan every now and then, I am not ordering online anymore. I can even stop by Sanko if I need to get expensive stuff.

I have everything I need now, and then some. Other than the bunny shaped egg mold, I think I'm done spending on bento stuff.

Yeah right! hehehehe

Happy bento everybody! Have fun with cutsiness!

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