Monday, March 10, 2008

The Cutsy Curse!

Yesterday I made sushi again, and it was good! I made extra rice to make rice balls. I'm still learning how to really prepare the rice well, it turned a little more mushy this time. I'll get it right!

I decided to go the cutsy way. I made 4 bigger triangle ones (cause my husband like those) and the rest I made smaller ones. I have heart shape, bear shape, and star shape. Here's the first plate of them cooling:

Here's the second plate with all cutsy ones:

So today in my bento I used some rice balls, of course, and I played around with whatever I had in my fridge. Here's what my bento looked like:

So, in the bottom tier, I had 3 cutsy rice balls (one of each shape) over lettuce.

In the top tier, I made a roll with a low carb tortilla, canadian bacon, and mashed avocado with a little lime juice. I cut it, kind of like a sushi roll, and used my new cutsy picks I got at Sanko (a freaking fortune!). I added sliced cucumber and red bell pepper pieces.

In my husband's bento I put 1 triangular rice ball, 1 oyaki, a little container of guacamole, cucumber and red bell pepper sticks and a ham wrap that I cut in big pieces so it would fit in the box. I held his rolls with my sea critters picks.

So that's today's bentos. I'm in a cutsy attack, so I'll be thinking up tomorrow's fare today! I frozen a bunch of rice balls, so that's one easy quick thing to throw in. I'm running out of oyakis though. Oops.

Happy Bento!

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