Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Adding to my organization spree

Biggie doesn't know what she started with her Blog Event: Organizing Your Lunch Gear

I was thinking, I have leftover spice boxes, and I have stuff that are still taking space in my cupboards. So I added 3 more spice boxes to my bento pile. Here's a picture of all 5 spice boxes together:

The two boxes at the front were there already: on the left my eggs molds and on the right my "little stuff" separated in little containers.

On the back row from left to right: My little containers with their lids, then in the next box my bigger silicone cups, my little paper cups and my cookie-veggies cutters (butterflies and dog bones!), finally the box to the right has my smaller silicone cups and the heart shaped ones I bought at Target yesterday!

By putting my containers and silicone cups in spice boxes, it has made space in my wooden box to put just my bentos, and onigiri molds. That way I don't need to get a bigger box. AH! I'm a genius right?

Here's what my spice boxes look like in my kitchen. I have two more, but I think that 3 is as much as I can pile before it gets unstable.

So there you go, now ALL my bento stuff is together and easy to get to. I'm happy at how it turned out, and proud because I'm not usually overly organized. I could see this become a disaster pretty quick.

It didn't! AH!

Happy Bento everyone!


  1. I am lovin' those spice boxes. I love how they can be "decor" too! Neat-o!

  2. :o) Thank you! I love them too! I have 3 more, that's how much bento stuff I can buy! heehheeh

  3. i use my other lunch boxes from america, not the bentos, as storage units for my belts/sauce cups