Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cutsy Curse #2

Today I'm trying out a new bento. It's made easier by the fact that it's the same size as my other Lube Sheep one, but it's still a different one. If anyone hasn't noticed yet, I love yellow. So there!

Here's what my new box look with the new bag and everything! Isn't it cute? I bought the same set for a friend in a different color. I got this at Ichiban Kan in San Francisco, the whole thing (box, bag, chopstick, case and belt) for less than 5$!

Today I have leftovers again. In the top tier (on the bottom in the picture) I have a Curried Chicken-lentil burger patty (from the Short Cut Cookbook by Weight Watchers, p. 45) cut in chunks. With that I have a Black bean and mango salsa (from The Ultimate Flex and Core Cookbook, by Weight Watchers, p. 185).

In the lower tier (top of the picture) I have a simple salad made with lettuce, steamed lentils (from Trader Joes), chickpeas, red bell pepper and cucumber.

To indulge my cutsy attack, I've put sushi grass all around the top tier so that it makes a contrast between the yellow-ish, curried patties and the yellow box. I also added a green flower just for the fun of it. I also added an orange flower in the bottom tier.

Here's my box closed with it's thingies:

My husband has basically the same thing in his box. I added a little bag of baby carrots to have as a snack. It's funny how he made the comment this morning that he had a lot of food this time. It's mostly vegetables, but I guess he's getting used to smaller portions. That's a good thing!

I'm really getting in the grove of making bentos in the morning, it's getting easier as I go. I'm still focusing on making the meals as healthy as I can, but also, I'm enjoying the "cutsy curse" a lot !

Happy Bento everyone!

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