Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 Cutsy bentos today!

Today I was teaching, I knew lunch was late at the school so I also brought along a snack bento. Here's all of our bentos of the day put together:

My snack bento was pretty simple. I used my husband slim black bento (1 tier) and I put pineapple chunks and a little container of FF plain yogurt mixed with a little bit of honey.

It was a satisfying snack. Next time I'll have a little less pineapple and a little more yogurt though.

My lunch bento was very yummy:

In my lower tier (bottom of the picture) I had scrambled eggs (2 eggs 2 whites for both bentos) with diced Canadian bacon. I sauteed the Canadian bacon before I put in the eggs so it gave it a smoky flavor.

In the upper tier (top of the picture) I had curried couscous to which I added raisins and diced red bell peppers. With that I had butternut squash sticks that I sauteed in a pan with cooking spray and Indian spices.

Did you notice the cutsiness? There are butterflies on my food! I made those cute butterflies using mini cookie-cutters to cut them out of red bell pepper! I did that last night and tried out only the red bell pepper because it was late and I was tired, but it works!

Here's my cutters, I used the butterflies for my own bento and the dog bones for my husband's!

Here's my husband's box with the dog bones resting on his own food. He has the same stuff I do, and the pineapple chunks are in there with the rest of his meal. I added a little bag of baby carrots for snack and because I stole his banana this morning (it was the last one!).

Next time I'll make more butternut squash sticks. I didn't think my husband was going to want any. I had to share them with him. It was very good though, and pretty too!

The Cutsy curse has taken me over, I'm loving it!

Happy Bento everybody!

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