Friday, March 7, 2008

Letfovers bento

This is my 15th bento, not counting when I made two of them, so it's more than that actually. Generally, when I make two of them, one for my husband and one for me, I pretty much put the same stuff. It's like I make one big bento and divide it in two.

Today is different though cause I have left overs to finish off before they go bad. So my husband got the good stuff, leftovers from last night. It's chicken cooked in salsa (real spicy) with red onion and red bell pepper chunks served with plain brown rice. I added to that a pack of baby carrots and fruits for dessert. Here what his bento looked like:

For my bento, I decided to finish off the leftovers. Here's what it looks like:

I put in the left over couscous, which I mixed with the leftover brown rice. I put that in the upper tier (which is deeper) and put the vegetable curry in a paper cup to keep it from staining my box (hey, I love my box!). My plan is to dunk the curry over the grains and mix it up (and to wash my box right away after I'm done!).

In the lower tier I put some fruits in a paper cup, and added baby carrots just in case I'm still hungry. I chopped a green onion real quick and sprinkled it over the carrots and the grains for color. Pretty ain't it?

I should have frozen the leftovers of that vegetable curry. It was very good, but I've been eating it for almost 3 days now! Oh well, it's healthy! I finally finished off what didn't fit in my bento by eating it for breakfast with scrambled eggs. Yum-my! Guess I'm not tired of it yet cause it was gooooood.

Happy Bento!

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