Monday, July 21, 2008

Woah, a bento competition!

I love those bento competitions! So of course I had to enter my little lunch! The contest is hosted on the Bento Pet Blog (click on the picture to visit the blog):

So, here's the box I decided to send:

That's today's box! I used my new Hakoya box and was playing with the layout, how much I can fit in etc. That contest is going on for another week, so I might just send some more lunches! Ah!

Here's the details of my box today:

Lower tier: Leftover roasted chicken marinated overnight and browned this morning; Bulgar that soaked in chicken broth with salt, pepper, and sun dried tomatoes (not in oil); Container of Mediterranean Hummus (home-made, delicious); 2 asparagus ends to decorate.

Top tier: Strawberry-mango skewers; Steamed asparagus and zucchini (with mirin added to the water, yum!).

I was playing with the camera, and look how ghostly my box looks here:

My husband has basically the same thing:

Top tier: I cubed the strawberries and mango instead of making skewers, I also added 2 mini Babybel light cheeses cause he likes them so much and he DOES need a lot more calories than I do. In the middle he has the same mix of steamed veggies I have in my box.

Lower tier: He also had more chicken than I do (about double) and the rest of the Bulgar/sun dried tomato mix.

So, that's today's bento adventure. I really think it's cool to have a bento contest that doesn't include the "character bentos". Though I really REALLY am impressed by those masterpiece, it's cool to see us, simple everyday bento-makers be recognized!

Happy Bento everybody!

Added Note: This was one of the tastiest bento I've made! The marinade for the chicken was simple teriaki sauce. I ate that mixed with the bulgur, and had the hummus with the veggies.

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