Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Packing in a Punch!

My husband made dinner yesterday. He made BBQ chicken (meaning with BBQ sauce, not on the grill). It's a recipe he got from the Shortcut Cookbook (Weight Watchers) and modified to suits us.

So we had leftovers of that, and I decided to cook this morning. It's our anniversary (6 years... O-M-G!) so I felt like I should make a little extra effort to make the bento tasty.

The chicken is very spicy so the rest is tasty but not "hot".

Here's my box (I used my donburi box again, time to change!):

I used the larger lower tier to put in the veggies! I have steamed broccoli as always (love the stuff!) and sauteed zucchini and red pepper.

I cooked the zucchini and pepper on very high heat in my nonstick wok with salt, pepper, and cumin until browned! I love to do that because it gets very flavorful, but doesn't overcook to the point of mushiness (a new word... wow..)

In the smaller top tier I put 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1/4 cup of steamed lentils, and the chicken.

I'm using the donburi box backward. You're supposed to put the grain on the bottom, and the saucy dish on top to mix just before eating. But I had a lot of vegetables so I cheated.

I think I've found a solution, at least for now, for my husband's box dilemma. I decided to use my bigger lock and lock set. It's not huge (700ml) but bigger than the Urura box (580 ml). We'll see how that goes. Ideally I'd still like to find him a cute box that would be 800 to 900 ml, but the lock and lock will do for now.

Here's what he had today:

On top, there's 1 cup of brown rice and about 1/4 cup of lentils.

In the lower tier he has the chicken, steamed broccoli and sauteed veggies.

It's basically the same thing as mine, but he has double the rice. I didn't have more chicken to give him, but I'll try to boost the proteins too as I go. The chicken is so spicy that a little goes a loooooong way.

So that's today's bento adventure. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Since I had leftovers I didn't make my seafood bento I had planned to make. There's always tomorrow! :o)

Happy Bento everybody!

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