Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Each Our Own n Stuff!

Today I made two different bentos! I felt like having seafood in mine, and my husband isn't too crazy about it. He's from Missouri you know, so far from the sea, first time he saw it he couldn't believe how big a puddle it was... I'm joking!! ;op

Seriously, I wanted to make Onigiris to freeze, so I made myself a "Sushi Bowl" bento here's what it looked like:

I have a layer of "sushi rice" made with brown rice, over that I have red bell pepper and carrot mini sticks, 6 shrimp, and zucchini mini-slices.

I steamed the shrimp with salt and pepper and added some mirin to the steaming water. Can't wait to see if it changed the taste!

My husband has a completely different lunch:

He has leftover couscous that I mixed with a little oil and lemon juice, with that he has green salad.

In the other tier, he had left over chicken and salsa (I made more Monday and froze the leftovers), red bell pepper sticks and lentils in the middle, and cut strawberries on the left.

As I said I made Onigiri this morning. I made some "regular ones" and some "broiled ones". I love the broiled ones, but my husband doesn't really so...

Here they are:

I cooked my "broiled Onigiri" less before I put the soy sauce and "browned them" than I did the last time. They are a lot less crusty and dry. I'm thinking my husband will like these!

To see how to make Broiled Onigiri click HERE.

So that's my bento daily adventure! I've been meaning to make Oyakis for the longest time now, my husband LOVED them. Oh well, one thing at a time! I'll get to it!

Happy Bento Everybody!

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