Friday, July 25, 2008

Playing with food bento!

I'm in a "play with foods" phase. I've revived my Lifestyle blog and am making an effort to try new things on regular basis. That will most probably show in my bentos as well as my other meal.

Today I have leftovers and easy sides. Here's my box:

In the top tier (left) I have pork cooked in papaya and mango salsa (Trader Joes) to which I added minced vidalia onion, and a diced mango (I added cumin and chili powder to the pork before cooking it); With that I have steamed broccoli and peas with garam masala.

In the lower tier (right) I have a rather plain couscous, steamed lentils (Trader Joes) and two lychee that I pre-peeled to make them easier to eat.

I talk about my "lychee discovery" in my Lifestyle blog.

I've been trying to work on making two bentos in the morning, taking in consideration that my husband needs about half again as many calories as I do. I don't want to make different dishes, mainly because it's too much work, so I'm playing with quantities, and extras.

Here's his box:

He has basically the same foods.

In the top tier (left) he has pork and salsa; he also has steamed veggies,; I added as "extras" 2 light Babybel cheeses and 1 espresso chocolate candy*.

In the lower tier (right) he has twice as much couscous as I have; he also has steamed lentils (trader Joes).

*The candy wasn't so much to "add calories" but to make a surprise to him, he saw it though. *sigh*

I used some of the steamed peas to decorate the couscous and the pork dish. I thought it would add a little color where color is needed.

So there! that's my bento adventure for today!

Happy Bento everybody!


  1. Popped over from Bento Pet's blog.

    Oh my, your bentos are lovely creations!

    And I am amazed with your b4 and after pictures! Gonna be so inspired by your weight loss!

  2. Emily
    Aww Thank you!!!

    I'm a wanna be bento maker really! Just having fun with food!