Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back on Track!

Hello there!!

This morning I wanted to finish the stuff in the freezer so that I can start new! So it's not very original, but it's yummy, and from now on you'll see new stuff since I don't have anything left!

Can I panic now? He he he

Ok, so here's today's fare:

In the lower tier of my donburi box I put half Spicy Barley Pilaf and half ground turkey and vegetable curry type stuff (whatever that was, it was good!).

In the top tier I put steamed broccoli, red bell pepper sticks, and a little cup of steamed lentils.

I'm planning to eat this along with a little bag of baby carrots!

My husband has the same meal laid out differently in his little Urura box:

I've been trying to convince him to get a bigger box. Now that we are tracking our foods (we switched to the Flex plan) my suspicions have been confirmed, he's not eating enough! So I'll be looking for a "man sized" box. If anybody knows of any that don't look like a spaceship let me know!

That's my bento-ing for today. Tomorrow I plan on making myself a seafood bento and my husband's a salsa chicken one (made yesterday).

Have a happy bento day!


  1. Ichiban Kan has a "man-sized" bento set on their website.


  2. We have one of those, I guess we could buy a second one and use them as shown.

    I've decided (for now) to use my lock and lock set for him (DUH! why didn't I think of that?)

    It's a little bigger than the Urura and more practical. It even comes with it's own cooler bag :o)