Monday, July 14, 2008

Thursday and Today!

Friday was my husband's birthday. We had a good day, but without bento, and I ran late on all my online stuff!

Summer is a challenge isn't it?


So, we did have bento boxes Thursday and it was actually pretty yummy. Here's what we had:

Top left: I had Spicy Barley Pilaf (had it frozen) with a little bit of lettuce and a heart shaped cup of blueberries (not eaten with the barley obviously!).

Top right: I had steamed veggies with a heart shaped cup of steamed lentils.

Bottom: I had a ground turkey with vegetables dish that I dug out of the freezer.

It ended up being a LOT of food!

My husband had the same thing, just laid out differently:


Yesterday I did some thinking ahead and that's a good thing cause I slept in this morning. Here's my box:

Lower tier (left): Curried couscous with a little cup of steamed lentils.

Top tier (right): steamed veggies (steamed last night) and hard boiled eggs (boiled and shaped last night). The picture doesn't show it well, but the eggs are shaped in a bear shape and a fish shape.

My husband had the same thing, but his eggs were in the shape of a little car and a bunny!

So we're still bento-ing of course, but we skip a day every once in a while. It's summertime, I don't work daytime, so sometimes I like a freshly cooked lunch.

I'm not giving up though, I love this too much!

Happy Bento everybody!

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