Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yesterday and today!

Tuesday afternoon I prepared foods to bring along for dinner. I was working over dinner time at Weight Watchers and wanted to go to a Pilates class right after that (I made it too, thankfully the cops weren't on 101 tuesday night!). I prepared whole wheat couscous (oh surprise!) mixed with precooked lentils and diced red bell peppers. I also cooked bell pepper strips with thinly sliced shallots, salt pepper, and a little lemon juice.

I packed it up in my little red 2 tiers bento with a small container of guacamole.

Wednesday I packed my husband bento with leftover couscous, leftover pepper strips, 2 Morning Star sausage patties and a packet of the Weight Watchers mini-cookies. It doesn't look like he has much, but his bento is pretty big (1500 ml) so I rarely fill it up.

Today we had the same foods, but packed differently. I don't have a picture of his bento because he finished it up later after I had left for work.

You can see what we had here:

Upper part of the left tier: Whole Wheat couscous with lentils and diced red bell pepper (the rest of what I prepared tuesday afternoon).

Lower part of the left tier: Teriyaki chicken pieces.

Upper part of the right tier: Lettuce (everything else was strong tasting so I used that as a "neutral").

Lower part of the right tier: Steamed broccoli, snow peas and mini peppers with spices.

My husband had the same lunch, got it all ready... and left it on the counter!

Oh well, it was in his cooler bag with an ice pack so I'll have it for lunch tomorrow! He's having lunch out anyway. It was very good, very tasty and filling. I forgot to have breakfast today AND forgot to bring a snack. I was starving by lunch time. It was enough to tie me up until I went to get my hair cut (FINALLY!).

Another successful bento adventure!

Happy Bento Everyone!

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  1. Hey Willow, Thanks for commenting on my site! Your bentos are looking great; I just hope you realize you step into something that quickly becomes a lifelong obsession! ;) Which isn't really a bad thing, but you'll never be able to eat "normal non cute" food with the same enjoyment! :D
    Keep it going!