Monday, February 4, 2008

Bento #2

Ok, today isn't overly original either, but I had to use up leftovers and to think fast. I had to be at work in another town at 7:45!

Here's what my lunchbox looked like:

Again I had a bulgur and lentil mix (bottom right corner) and a salad (bottom left corner).

Today, for proteins, I had turkey pieces (top-right corner) that I marinated in soy sauce and dijon mustard overnight. I pan-cooked the pieces this morning and cooled them before boxing them up.

I added a dessert to it. In the mini-tupperware, I have sugar free strawberry jello!

The funny thing is that I bragged about my bento obsession to the assistant teacher I was working with and showed her the "Lunch in a box" blog that got me into this in the first place. After class I went to buy my second box and dividers, and who's there buying her first one? My assistant of the day!

I'm going the corrupt the world, one bento at a time! Muah ah ah ah ah aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Now I have dividers, so I'll be done with my ugly foil-saran wrap dividers! I need little containers to put stuff though.. those glad things are just too ugly!

As soon as I can make it to the city, I'm on it!

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