Sunday, February 3, 2008

My first bento lunch!

So, as I said on my main blog I went ahead and got me a basic bento box. That was saturday. I couldn't wait to see how I could organize it to put a full lunch in that little box.

I didn't have dividers, so I made one with aluminum foil and covered it with plastic wrap. It worked just fine!

Here's what it looked like today:

Left top corner: Bulgur, soaked with salt pepper and garam masala, mixed with chickpeas and steamed lentils (Trader Joes).

Right top corner: shredded lettuce with salt, pepper, and indian chili powder.

Left bottom corner: Steamed shrimps with salt, pepper, indian chili powder. I used paper cups to try to keep the shrimp stink from going everywhere.

Right bottom corner: Cut up red bell pepper and celery.

I had planned on making a dressing for the salad and cut veggies, but ran out of time. I ate it mixed with the bulgur mix.

I didn't eat it all, it was too much food!

So my first bento lunch isn't overly original, but it was good, and it was filling, and I had a lot of fun putting it together!

I also had to bring breakfast, so I made Steel cut oats with a banana and milk and syrup, nuked it, and put it in my thermos. It was ok when I got there. My thermos isn't exactly the best.

:o) Happy Lunch everybody!

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  1. Well, I must say your first bento looks a lot better then the first one I ever did. LOL I make mine for my daughters lunches as a sort of project I have going on. You can check it out at