Thursday, February 7, 2008

I got my book!

I got my cookbook Bento Boxes, Japanese meals on the go. It's really great, simple, beautiful and very inspiring. I'm happy! The recipes in there are very interesting, and I think I'll be able to adapt it to my chosen lifestyle.

I stopped by the Outlets in Petaluma and got me some big silicone cups (normal muffin size) to put in my bento tomorrow. I knew I had planned two different side dishes (Shredded Green Beans and Citrus-Chive Couscous) and I wanted to keep them separated.

I also took out mini frittatas to eat with that, and I have leftover chicken. I even bought blueberries for dessert and extra veggies to fill the gaps!

I'll post about it tomorrow with pictures and everything.

This Bento thing really has renewed my enthusiasm to plan ahead and prepare things and have fun with food.

Food isn't the enemy!

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