Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forgot the bento, bento!

I don't have pictures, we didn't have time to take any. 5 minutes before he was going to leave, my husband realized that he had forgotten lunch.

Now what? I used the little black "snack bento" and threw in 2 frozen Oyaki, an 1 Onigiri, and put that in the cooler bag. I also put a frozen cup of chicken curry in the bag (it's in a Tupperware of course!).

The bento I used is the long black one with the stipes. It looks bigger than the other two, but actually it's smaller since it's only 1 tier. I use that one and the red one as "snack bentos" thought I realize as I use them that they hold a lot more food than I thought!

So lunch is going to be simple, probably delicious, but not very stylish! heheheh

Happy Bento everyone!

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