Friday, February 8, 2008

Bento #3

Ok, today I was teaching, and it was not a last minute thing, so I knew I needed a lunch. So yesterday, dinner was planned with the bento in mind. I explained in my previous post what I planned so here's the pictures!

Top left corner of the "yellow box" (that's mine) is the mini-frittatas. In the "blue box" (my husband's) the frittatas on at the top right corner.

My mini-frittatas are the ones made in the metal pan, they aren't as well shaped. They also have mushrooms, which my husband won't eat. His are smaller, well shaped and mushroomless. ;op

In my box the chicken is on the top right corner, his is on the top left corner. Both are leftover from wednesday's roasted chicken.

As dessert, we both have bluberries and I used cherry tomatoes to fill the gaps cause things were moving around a bit.

At the bottom left corner (both boxes) is the Shredded Green Beans, with lemon-lime zest and snipped chives. I sprinkled shredded carrot over it just to make it look cute. I was in a hurry so I wasn't as careful with the sprinkling for my husband's box.

On the bottom right corner, I have the Citrus-Chive Whole Grain Couscous. I sprinkled a bit of chives on there, but it was really small and it doesn't show on the picture.

It was very filling and still "light". I got comments on my lunch from some of the teachers too.

This is my most "bento feeling" bento so far! I'm all happy with it! Tomorrow: San Francisco, FINALLY!!!!!! I'll be reporting on my bento shopping adventure!

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