Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yesterday's Fare

This is a crazy week! Today I didn't make any bentos, I didn't have time for one thing, and I really wanted a veggie-full lunch. Not enough space in a bento box for that!

I did make bento lunches yesterday but never had time to post. So here are yesterday's bentos:

Both are exactly the same.

Lower tier: Steamed broccoli and peas, I made a little divider with the peas. In the middle I have cut up strawberries, and then cucumber slices. I used little skewers to eat the strawberries with, mine are la little duck and a little chick. My husband's are veggies.

Top tier: 2 Onigiri, I have a heart and a bear, he has a star and a bear. In a silicone cup, we have the rest of the chicken dish my husband made Sunday night. Very good, very spicy, no clue what's in there. Maybe that's a good thing heheheheheh

That was out bentos yesterday. Today I'm starting a new meeting in a new location, I've been up to my ears in that for a week now, FINALLY it's getting started! I'll be able to breathe!

I'm out of Onigiri, and haven't had Oyakis in weeks! So that'll be the cooking plan this week. I'm also planning a trip to San Francisco tomorrow or Friday so, though I really don't need more boxes... I'm sure to stop by Japantown.. hehe

Happy Bento Everybody!

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