Monday, June 2, 2008

Mix n Match Bento!

I've been sick all weekend, and lets just say unmotivated. This morning I realized too late that I hadn't made a bento for my husband. I remembered that I had planned on having a cutsy curse week though, so I got my own box together.

It's very much a leftover bento, here it is:

In the lower tier, I have bulgur, a little cup of lentil curry (with a flower on top) and a container with Leek-Zucchini soup in it. * I used thinly sliced red bell pepper to decorate the bulgur, and with the flower I though it would look cute.

In the top tier, I have left over beef stir fry, thinly sliced red bell peppers, and a little cup of blueberries.

* I had to take about 35 pictures of the lower tier of my bento before I finally got a clear one. I took my box back out 3 times, to start over, and finally stopped removing the lid off the soup every time because it was messing the whole thing up each time I did. It was much prettier with the lid off to show the green soup.

The final picture isn't that great, but it's the only was that was clear enough to see what was actually on it. I'm planning on a new camera soon!

So that's my bento for today! I'm trying to add cutsiness with food, rather than add a lot of plastic decorations (yeah the flower is plastic, but that's just ONE thing.. besides, I like them!).

How are you practicing cutsiness with your lunches? Drop me a comment with a link to your own cutsy lunch so we can share our cutsy curse! ;op

Happy Bento Everybody!!!

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