Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday - Tuesday

Once again, two days in 1 post!

Sunday night I made a yummy meal, and we had leftovers for the bentos!

Here's what mind looked like:

Clockwise starting at the top: Tabbouleh (with a flower to decorate it!), Beef and vegetable kebabs (minus the skewer obviously!) and steamed broccoli with a little container of Baba Ganouj.

My husband has the same thing, except that his kebabs didn't have mushrooms in them:

Last night, my husband was the cook, and he did great! Again we used left overs to fill the bentos today. Here's mine:

Top tier (not divided): Chicken Provencal, it's chicken breast and the veggies it was cooked with. I added mushrooms that I cooked the morning in leftover juice from the chicken recipe.

Bottom tier (divided): First 1/3 has steamed broccoli, and the other 2 have tabbouleh (from Sunday night).

Here's my husband's box:

He had Chicken Provencal and steamed broccoli in the top tier, and Herbed whole wheat couscous in the bottom tier. Since the couscous was rather plain looking, I added flowers to liven up the whole thing.

So there you have it! It's leftovers week. We decided to cook every meals (instead of a lot of quick fixes, so we have tons of leftovers!

Happy Bento everybody!

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