Friday, June 13, 2008

My new toys and shopping report!

So, as promised, I took pictures of my new boxes, and my new goodies I bought on my trip in San Francisco yesterday! I'm trying to remember where I got everything and how much I paid for it. I hope I don't make mistakes! I also included a listing and my own review of my favorite spots.

First is my Lock and lock set! I've been wanting one of these for a while, but I wanted a neat color. I found a red one at Super Tokyo in the Richmond district . I paid $13.50 for it, it might be a little cheaper at Kamei but I didn't want the color they had.

The set includes a water bottle, with a cap that can be used as a glass, a divided top tier, and an undivided bottom tier. Being a lock and lock set, it's microwave safe, dishwasher safe AND leak proof. That has to be the most practical set I have.

Here it is all closed up ready to put in the cooler bag that came with it:

Here the picture is a little bit blurry, but that's the best one I got of the set all open:

The next set I got at Daiso*. It's a neat little 3 tiered box that I got for $1.50! I used it today and it's working just fine. The box is microwave safe, but not dishwasher safe. I would not "over-microwave it" if you know what I mean.

Funny detail, the plastic is see-through, so you can see the food through the box. Kinda cool and kind creepy at the same time.

*I bought the brown belt at Ichiban Kan.

Here it is all closed up:

Here's the set all open up:

The final box I got is more of a snack box. It's tiny, and to be honest, not overly practical... but it's so freakin' cute! I got it at Sanko for about $8.50 (I think, around that).

It's a 2 tiered box (140 ml and 240 ml) with a cute little bear on top. It came with a bag, and a little hide-away fork. I don't know if it's microwave safe, but I'm planning on using it as a snack bento anyway so no worries.

Here it is all closed up:

Look, the fork hides between the 2 tiers:

Here it is all opened up:

If I remember right, I got the little containers, and the silicone cups at Daiso ($1.50) and the little ice tray at Ichiban Kan ($1.25):

Now the picture just below this:

The two nori punches are from Ichiban Kan ($1.25 each), there's a heart and a star.

Now for the vegetable cutters, it's complicated. The two big ones and the 3 small ones at the bottom (heart, star and bear) are from Daiso ($1.50 each set). The 4 little cutters just below the punches, are from Soko Hardware (5 dollars-something for the set of 4).

The picks are from Ichiban Kan ($1.00), there was two of each, but I put one of each to take the picture:

Yes, I know some of them don't seem... kid appropriate, we've been laughing at that all evening. I'm thinking what's more appetizing than a koala humping a strawberry? Muaahahaha

So that's my shopping yesterday! I went all over town, walked from the Richmond to Japantown and back and then some... it was a good day!

Here's the stores I talked about in this post:

Super Tokyo
On the corner of 4th St. and Clement St. in the Richmond district. It's one of those store where you get anything, from toys, to dishes, to food going around by incense and then some. It's a cute little store that I like to run around in. It's not always good deals though. You might want to stop by Kamei and check the prices before you buy at Super Tokyo.

It's on Clement St. between 7th St. and 6th St. Kamei has everything for the kitchen. It's basically a restaurant supply store. You won't find the fancy bento stuff in there, but it's practicality central. It's generally cheaper, but not always... do your homework. Also, know what you're looking for, their English is... limited.

It's across the parking lot from the Serramonte shopping center. Daiso is my absolutely favorite store. They have everything plastic! I bought everything I needed to organize my stuff at my new meeting for $8!

Plastic boxes, notebooks, dishes, bento boxes, bento gear, cooking gear... 95% of it $1.50! Lock and lock Tupperware EVERYTHING... can you tell I love that place?

Ichiban Kan
It's located in the Miyako Mall in Japantown. It's my second favorite place... was first until I discovered Daiso. It's a dollar store, they have a good bento section, and a lot of knickknacks! The advantage of Ichiban Kan is that they are right in town.

ALSO, Ichiban Kan now have a great website that you can order from ( That's a way to get bento boxes and bento gear without paying the Ebay outrageous prices. You won't find fancy stuff, but they still have some cool things like egg molds and picks.

Soko Hardware
On Post St. right across from Miyako Mall. This is a hardware store that has a great kitchen stuff section. They aren't always cheap, but you can find good deals. Their supply of bento boxes is limited and pricey, but they often have things like vegetable cutters, and sauce bottles when everybody else it out!

They also have the absolute nicest staff in San Francisco!

Last but certainly not least Sanko is on Buchanan, between Post and Sutter (in the little stone paved part of Buchanan behind Soko Hardware). It is like the fuffy bento spot. While Ichiban Kan and Daiso will overwhelm you with cheapos stuff, Sanko is the place to find the little things that you can't find anywhere else. They are pricey, but sometimes it's worth it.

Also, if you go often you might get lucky and get a good deal like I did on my bear box! I try not to stop at Sanko too often because it always cost me more than I want to spend, but the stuff is so cool I can't resist it!

There you are, that's my shopping report from yesterday in San Francisco! I bought stuff that I absolutely don't need, but that I could not resist! I will use it all, as soon as I figure out where to put it all! AH!

Let me know if you know other good spot to go bento shopping in San Francisco, I'm always game for new adventures!

Happy bento everybody!


  1. Wish there's a store like that in my area. Things there seems more cheaper.

  2. You can order through

    Shipping is not overly pricey, and the stuff is cheap!

    They have a line of "natural" boxes (color only.. still plastic!)that is cute!

  3. I WANT koala humping picks! MUST HAVE!!!

  4. ROTFLMAO Mara...

    Oh! the things that amuses us..