Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trying my Broiled Onigiri Finally!

Today I started the day without a bento, and then decided to make one. I'm home, and living in boxes, so I'm not overly motivated (only 3 days of painting left though, then we're ALL DONE!).

Here's my bento today. There isn't any real proteins, I'll make up for it tonight.. didn't have anything on hand, not even eggs, so I just decided to forget it for lunch.

In the lower tier I have 3 Broiled Onigiri (first time I thaw any out, we'll see!!!) on a bed of lettuce.

In the top tier, I have sliced cucumber, carrot sticks, and steamed broccoli and red bell pepper.

It's a little diet-y, but that wasn't the plan, I just don't feel hungry smelling the latex paint and all that (thanks the Lady it's not oil paint!).

We'll see how that works, I have a lot of physical work today... oh well, I'm home, so if I get hungry I'll eat!

Happy Bento everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Willow!

    I so enjoyed looking through your bento pictures. (p.s. I found your blog through the WW Core board.)

    I'm off to google bento boxes for my 5 year old daughter and myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration!