Monday, April 21, 2008

Double troubles!

Our new bento shopping expedition inspired me to get back to my everyday bento mania! Also, my husband now uses a smaller box, the same as mine, so it's kind of fun to put them together. I'm hoping that it'll be enough food for 6'2" him.

Here's my box today:

In the lower tier I have steamed broccoli and sliced mini bell peppers, Cucumber sticks and strawberries.

In the top tier, I have left over chicken with pepper and onion, 2 small onigiri, and cucumbers pieces.

I put my box in a little cooler bag and wrapped it up in one of my new little bento cloths!

Here's my husband's box!

He has pretty much the same thing, he has more steamed vegetables, and I cut a big triangle onigiri in 2 (they don't fit in my small boxes!). I didn't give him cucumber sticks but I added a little pack of baby carrots and a banana to his lunch.

I packed the box in a little cooler bag, and then packed everything in my larger bento cloth.

The chicken will have to be warmed up. I don't think it'd be very good cold. I don't usually pack foods that need to be warmed up for myself, but I knew I was going to be home, so...

That's our bento adventure for today. I'm very happy that my husband is into this along with me. He's very enthusiastic and it makes it all the more fun to play with!

Happy Bento Everyone!!!

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