Monday, April 14, 2008

Back on Track!

This is yesterday's post. While trying to post this, I spilled an entire glass of water with "mix-in" in my laptop. My laptop is up and running, but Ill have it cleaned today. Hopefully it'll stop adding "g"s every where.

After a week of eating way too much subway, and way too few healthy lunches (and dinner) we decided to get back on the "wagon" (I hate that expression!). So yesterday I cooked an Indian spiced, ground turkey chili, keeping in mind that we needed lunches today. I also made a couscous, and steamed veggies. All I had to do this morning is to put things together!

Here's my box:

As I said, I have an Indian spiced Turkey chili, with curried couscous in my upper tier. In the lower tier, I have spiced steamed veggies, and strawberries.

My husband has the exact same thing in his box, just a little more of everything. I also added a Peanut Butter bliss bar for snack later.

Here's our two boxes ready to go!

It was a very satisfying lunch, I ate it cold and it was just fine. Its funny how you get used to having a packed lunch ready to go. I missed it so much last week!

Happy Bento every one!

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