Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bento at the mall

Today I went shopping, and I didn't want to eat at the food court, so I packed a bento. Good thing I did since I was really hungry by the time it got to lunch time. I walked about 4 hours today. I was out for about 6 hours, but counting the lunch break, the stopping to try clothes etc.

Anyway, here's my bento:

In the lower tier I have 2 small onigiri with cucumber slices, red bell pepper sticks and cherry tomatoes. I put a little skewer there to grab the veggies with.

In the top tier, I have a curried chicken, chickpeas and lentils mix, and steamed veggies with spices (snow peas, broccoli and mini pepper rings).

I brought along an orange also!

Here's my husband's box:

He has the exact same thing minus the tomatoes (he doesn't like them). I also added a pack of baby carrots along with his box.

Here's the two closed boxes:

I still made little cloth basket to carry the bentos. Mine was because it was going to be in my purse, so it's an extra layer of "spill proofing" along with the cooler bag it's in.

My husband said tonight that he uses the cloth to bring all of his stuff home (glasses and things). So it's useful as well as cute!

My 6'2" tall husband was satisfied with his lunch, strangely, when I came home at 3:30, I was hungry. I spend all day on my feet walking, so maybe I just burned more than he did sitting at his computer.

It was a good lunch though, and I felt very proud and privileged sitting at the food court with my delicious lunch, watching everybody eating the horrible junk they serve there. AH! I love taking care of me!

Happy Bento everyone!

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