Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mini-burgers bentos!

Yesterday I made mini-burgers with black beans, we had some for dinner, and the rest went in the bento this morning. Other than that, my bento is very veggies-heavy. I was in a hurry this morning.

Here's my box:

So in the top tier, I have the mini-burgers, and strawberries cut up.

In the lower tier, I have veggies sticks, a little container of Guacamole (Number from TJ), and a little cup of steamed veggies.

The pictures I took of my husband's bento all turned out blurry! Darn it. He has the exact same thing minus the tomatoes, and with a little more steamed veggies.

You know what's funny? Every time I have strawberries on hand, I use my red box! I didn't mean to!

I will post to explain how I made the mini-burgers. They were delicious!

Happy Bento everyone!

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