Friday, April 4, 2008

Speedy Bento!

Today I didn't wanna... Not that I have that much to do anyway... I just didn't wanna. ;op

I looked into the fridge and found what I could use for minimum effort. Here's what I came up with:

My box:

In the lower tier, I have a couscous salad, with chickpeas, lentils, shredded carrots, and steamed broccoli (leftovers from yesterday).

In the top tier, I have steamed broccoli, and carrots and celery sticks. I also have two little container, one has Mediterranean Hummus, and the other has whole grain Dijon mustard. I wanted to put in taste without putting in the effort.

My husband has the same thing, with a little deli ham added for proteins (I know, there's plenty in the chickpeas and in the lentils, but... he's a guy):

I didn't have time to steam broccoli for him, so I gave him more veggie sticks, a little more hummus (in the clear container). On the left he has the couscous salad, and the deli ham on my cutsy skewers. I added a mini-bar for dessert since we didn't have any baby carrots to put in there.

I forgot about the Onigiri I made this week... DUH.

Our bentos are pretty simple, I went from the cutsy curse, to the lazy curse. I'll pick it up next week. I promise a super cutsy one Monday!

Happy Bento everybody!

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