Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to the daily grind - Box #162

Hey there!

Vacation is over and in a big way. Today I was working a morning meeting and then we had a staff meeting all afternoon. I packed a thermos with oats for breakfast, and lunch in a bento.

Here's what my lunch looked like:

In the bottom tier, I had leftover roasted chicken that I sauteed with whole grain Dijon mustard and sliced Kalamata olives. With that I had whole grain couscous with thinly sliced red bell pepper and onions that I sauteed with a little olive oil.

In the bottom tier I have red bell pepper and cucumber sticks with mango skewers on lettuce.

It was funny because there was a "lunch" served at our meeting, but everybody around me were a little envious of my lunch. Ha ah! 1 pts for the Bentos!

So that my bento for today. Tomorrow I have tons of leftovers to work with, so it should be interesting.

Happy Bento everybody!!

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