Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Colors colors! (#166)

Hello there!

I'm in a colorful mood today, AH! Today's bentos are a mix of frozen stuff, leftovers, and quick fixes. I didn't prep last night, but I thought it out though, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do this morning.

Today I decided to use my Urura box that I bought at Sugar charms. I was looking at old post on here, and remembered that this used to be my "everyday box". A bit of nostalgia and out it comes! For a blog, and hobby, that is only 7 months old! He he he

Here's my box:

Lower tier (left): I have steamed broccoli and shredded carrots, with that I have steamed zucchini. Both were steamed with garam masala in the water and then salted and peppered.

Over that I have 2 Black bean mini-burgers (frozen), and a grilled hot dog that we had left over from the last BBQ. It's a light one, only 50 calories, and actually taste good! I sliced the hot dog and put it on cute skewers and put the whole thing on a bed of lettuce.

Top tier (right): I have leftover brown rice, spiced up and with a little garlic oil. I don't like the look of rice when there isn't any veggies in to "spice it up" visually, so I put in a flat leaf parsley "flower" to cutify the whole thing.

In a little paper/plastic cup I have vegetable curry (frozen) that I drained some to avoid "sloshing" around.

My husband has the same foods thing but arranged differently:

I'm very happy with today's boxes because they have several different things with different taste and texture. I find that to be much more satisfying than a larger amount of one or two dishes. It's also more interesting visually I think.

My husband is funny, this morning he looked at my kitchen (it was a mess) and said: "You should take a picture of the kitchen to show people how much work it is. "

There's no question that it does take time and that on busy days, my kitchen might not be pristine when I leave for work. I believe that it totally worth it though. It's fun, it's healthy, and really it doesn't take that much time.

On busy days, the bentos might not have a parsley flower on top of the rice, but I can whip it up in about 5 minutes, cool it while I get ready, and there I go!

Happy Bento Everybody!!

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