Monday, August 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Mondays

My husband is on vacation (and hopefully I'll be too soon), so I haven't been making bentos lately. For the same reason I haven't been online long enough to stop and post on any of my Blogs. Sorry!

I did make two bentos last Monday ( August 18th), it was before the vacation and I had some yummy leftovers to deal with!

Here's my box:

In the top tier I have BBQ chicken and Jamaican-Style Potato Salad.

In the lower tier I have grilled asparagus, diced cucumber and blueberries. I have a little container of hummus (TJs).

My husband has the same foods, with lentils added (TJs). Here's his box:

In the top tier he has the potato salad, and the chicken.

In the bottom tier he has the asparagus (covered by the cup of lentils), cut cucumber with a container of hummus, blueberries and a mini Babybel light.

That was last week. Today I was subbing at a high school in Sonoma and working early in Sebastopol so I knew I had to pack a substantial lunch.

Here's what I did:

The tier shown at the bottom of the picture is 1/2 cup of couscous with lentils that I cooked with baby spinach, salt pepper and a little lime juice.

Here's the other two tier:

This tier has grilled zucchini, BBQ chicken thighs and Clover sprouts.

This tier had blueberries, a diced plum and cut strawberries. I put in little animal picks to eat the fruits with.

I also brought along yogurt and orange and a banana. I didn't eat the banana, and I had more than enough food! I had to have a light dinner because lunch was so filling!

That's my "Tale of Two Mondays". I don't know when I'll make my next bento, my husband is back to work on September 8th! So at the latest it'll be that week!

Happy Bento everybody!!

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