Monday, September 22, 2008

Super-Post - I'm baack! (#167 to #172)

Oh my, hadn't realized it had been that long! I have a lot of catching up to do, so lets get crackin'

Last week:

Tuesday (9-16):

I was home Tuesday and decided to just throw stuff together to bento up. I didn't have much to work with, and looking at it, it doesn't look like much. It was delicious though, in a simple kind of way.

In the top tier I have lean ham and cut up strawberries.

In the bottom tier I have simple couscous with steamed broccoli and clover sprouts. I love clover sprouts, they aren't bitter like the alfalfa ones.

My husband's lunch is very similar with a few add-ons:

Top tier he has lean ham, steamed broccoli, strawberry and a Mini Babybel light cheese.

Bottom tier is couscous with steamed lentils (TJ).

Wednesday (9-17):

I was teaching all day and working for Weight Watchers at night so I had to think fast

Bottom tier has couscous, steamed lentils and cucumber sticks.

The top tier has a sliced hard boiled egg, 2 Black bean mini burgers, steamed broccoli and cut strawberries.

I didn't have much to work with, and it ended up being delicious and very filling. Not that it needed to be, I ate my lunch at school and then was sent home. They suddenly realized they didn't need a sub for the afternoon.

Next time I'm asking before I eat lunch! ;op

Thursday (9-18):

Again I was teaching all day, really all day this time. I was feeling lazy that morning so I took out my trusty thermos and had a soup with a salad.

The Thermos had canned lentil soup (TJ) to which I had added diced lean ham.

The salad was very simple: lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, clover sprouts and a little bottle of honey mustard dressing.

The warm soup was very comforting for some reason. Fall is coming, you might see my trusty thermos more often. The soup was still hot after hours of sitting around!


Oooffaah, ok, all caught up, here's today's bentos:

My husband had a different fare than mine:

In the top tier (left) he had steamed broccoli, cut strawberries, cut up cucumber and a Mini Babybel light cheese.

In the bottom tier (right) he has TJ frozen brown rice and BBQ Chicken.

The box I used for myself today is big, but I filled it mostly with vegetables and strawberries. So it's a lot of food, for very few calories.

Here it is:

Top tier: I have brown rice, steamed broccoli and quartered small tomatoes.

Middle tier: I have 6 shrimps cooked with lime juice, cumin and hot pepper powder. With that I have cucumber half rounds and red bell pepper sticks.

Finally the bottom tier: I had quartered strawberries and served them with a little container of European non-fat plain yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

Ok, so that's the bentos of the last week and a half. Those that I had pictures of anyway.

I'm on it, I'll make an effort to keep up. I've learned how to format my pictures and it takes a little longer to get it all together! I'm learning!

Happy Bento Everybody!

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