Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Having fun with food! (#164-165)

Today for some reason I felt inspired, so I played around some. I also had some awesome leftover meat to play with (BBQ tri-tip, yum!).

I used a new box that I bought the weekend before last at Soko Hardware in Japantown. It is not microwavable, but I thought it was awefully cute. It's the same look as my round 3 tiered one I got at Kamei on the previous trip. I know I know I have WAY too many boxes already. I just can't resist them!

Here's what I had in there:

Bottom tier (on top): I have Cucumber flowers and red bell pepper hearts over a bed of lettuce I used my little vegetable cutters to cut out the cutsy shapes. In the middle I have some delicious tiny tomatoes that I got at some farmer's market last week. On the right I have steamed lentils that I sauteed lightly with shredded carrots, after it was done I added fresh flat leaf parsley.

Top tier (bottom): I have a skewer with tri-tip, I wanted a little just for taste, on a bed of lettuce. On the right I have brown rice (Frozen from TJ) that I microwaved and then sauteed lightly with oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I decorated the rice with red bell pepper strips.

My husband's lunch is simmilar:

Top tier: On the left he has brown rice covered with cucumber flowers, red bell pepper hearts and red bell pepper strips. On the right he has 2 trip-tip skewers on lettuce.

Bottom tier: On the left he has more cut up cucumber and red bell pepper. In the middle he has the lentils-carrots dish with parsley. Finally I put in two mini Babybell light cheeses to make sure he didn't go hungry.

I used our lock and lock set that has a cooler bag. This is what it looks like (we got rid of the bottle though):

I don't like the look of that cooler bag. I always add a fruit to my husband lunch, so I've been putting his bentos in a bento cloth making a little basket with it. My problem is that that bento cooler bag is big, and everything together is kinda heavy, so I cheated!

Here's what it looks like:

Looks innocent right? There's his bento box in its cooler bag in there, and a banana outside the set (but in the cloth basket).

My "cheat" is that I used the handle of the cooler bag along with the handle of my "cloth basket" to lift the whole thing. That way it's more solid and secure.

Here's what I did:

I made the first knot between the handle of the bag and the bag.

See? Now you have the handle free to use still. It's not very pretty though...

Soooo, I made my second knot over the handle so that I could hide it!

See? It doesn't show at all! But it's still there keeping the whole thing safe and secure:

Ah ha! Am I clever or what? I'm all proud of myself!

That's my bento adventure for today, explained rather fast because I got a kitty vet appointment!

Have fun with food today! Happy Bento everybody!

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