Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great lunches today!

Today was a good bento day!

I just love it when I experiment in the kitchen, and not only it's delicious right then, but it turns out to be even better as leftovers!

That was the case with the curry I used for the bentos today. Here's my box:

In the lower tier, I have a lentil and chickpeas curry served over Garam Masala scented bulgur. I put the curry in a plastic coated paper cup to keep the bulgur from getting soggy.

At lunch time, I just dumped the curry in and warmed it up!

In the top tier I had steamed broccoli, sliced orange and a few Kalamata Olives.

Simple but delicious really.

My husband had similar things but with different extras:

In the lower tier (shown on top here) he had the curry and the bulgur. I separated the two again to keep the bulgur from getting soggy.

In the top tier (shown at the bottom) he had steamed broccoli, steamed lentils (TJ) and orange slices. I added his now usual Mini Babybel cheese more for color than for any need for more calories.

With the amount of lentil he had in there, I'm glad I wasn't working next to him... he he he!

Happy bento Everybody!


  1. It was sooooooooo much work too... *grin*


  2. WOW!! Belles Bento box, c'est quand tu nous invite à souper???

    C'est Louise qui m'a donné le lien vers ton blog.