Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh la la!

Ok, MAJOR catching up post!

Long story short: Wednesday I had a luncheon with coworkers, and then I had to run to work. I got there 20 minutes late! Thursday I started my 21 days to change a habit challenge, meaning that I'm getting up at 5:15 every morning to work out.

It take some getting used to. I still bento-ed some, but didn't have time to post. So today I'm catching it all up! Hold on to your britches, here we go:


A dear friend of mine bought me a bento box that turned out to be HUGE. She didn't mean it that way BUT it's the perfect box to serve foods and dips at a party. I brought that along to our luncheon:

Both tier have the exact same thing: Cut veggies (peppers, carrots and cucumbers) and dips (Mediterranean Hummus, and Black Bean Dip).

Here's the box closed (you can see the reflections of my dinning room lights!):

Wednesday I made a bento for my husband also:

In the top tier he has 2 Mini Babybel light cheeses, a little espresso chocolate candy, blueberries, a little heart shaped cup with pickled veggies in it (from the sushi bar), and cut carrots and cucumbers.

In the lower tier he has an onigiri, Chicken and salsa, a little container of Mediterranean Hummus and a little container of Black Bean Dip.

Thursday was my first day up and I didn't make any box.


I made my husband a box, but not me since I was short on time. Here's his box:

Top tier he has blueberries, and espresso chocolate candy, a Mini Babybel light cheese, Black Bean dip, carrots and cucumber.

Lower tier has BBQ Chicken, Brown rice (it's the Trader Joes frozen brown rice, quick and easy) sprinkled with shredded carrots.


Saturday was something! I was working in Novato at 7! So I had to workout and get there on time. I made myself a breakfast bento with whatever I could find quick the night before.

Here it is:

Top tier I had leftover roasted chicken and cherry tomatoes.

Lower tier I had cut up strawberries and blueberries.

Not much, but surprisingly satisfying!


I didn't bento again until today. I decided it was time to get my behind back in gear and organize myself.

Here's my box today:

In the top tier I have spiced, sautéed zucchini pieces, steamed shrimps (with mirin added to the water, mmmmm), and steamed lentils (TJ).

In the lower tier I have steamed broccoli with shredded carrots and cilantro, cucumber pieces, and 2 broiled onigiri.

Note: I microwaved the onigiri and then just cooked them a tiny bit in a pan to give them back their "broiled feel". It worked as good if not better as re-broiling them, and was so much easier! YAY!

Here's my husband's box:

Top tier he has steamed broccoli with shredded carrots and cilantro, cucumber slices, 2 round onigiri with little Nori shapes on top.

Lower tier he has 2 Mini Babybel light cheeses, spiced, sautéed zucchini and chicken with salsa.

So there! I am all caught up.

With my new work out schedule I really need to take time to think about the following day at night and make sure I have what I need to make the bentos. It's just simply too hard to have everything ready and cooled by 7.

I will make this work! Just bear with me while I adjust to it all.

Happy Bento everybody!

PS. With these bentos that I posted today, I have now made 156 bento boxes, counting mine, my husband's and the few snack bentos (and the big party one). 156!!!!!

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