Friday, May 23, 2008

Final installment of my "new box everyday" challenge! Today I decided to use my "Donburi box" that my husband bought me for my birthday!

Here it is, the picture is a little washed off I think, but still:

It's a two tier box, made with a bowl (usually for rice) and a smaller top tier (usually for saucy stuff to dump on the rice.

For some weird reason I was very intimidated by that box. I didn't know how to work with it, other than curry with a grain. So I didn't do that today, just to be stubborn about it!

I did my husband's box first since he had to leave in a hurry:

He has Confetti Bean Salad, with cucumber and shredded carrots in the lower tier.

In the top tier he has steamed broccoli and left over roasted chicken that I coated with Mexican hot sauce. He bought that stuff last week and says he loves it so there!

In the lower tier of my box, I have half brown rice, and half Confetti Bean Salad. This picture doesn't do it justice because it looks like there is more rice, but there isn't. It was exactly the same and even. Humpf!

In the top tier I have steamed broccoli (with Garam Masala) , cucumber slices and ham!

Yup, those butterflies are ham, I used my cookie cutter, and made 6 little butterfly out of a thick ham slice and put them on a skewer! I didn't really need extra proteins, but I decided to try it out for taste and because I had a cutsy attack. Neat huh?

So there you go, all packed up and ready to go!

I've really enjoyed this, and now I'm looking forward to making more bento since I've seen all the possibilities of my many boxes!

Ah! Watch me go, the Cutsy Curse will never die!

Happy Bento Everybody!


  1. The ham butterflies are cute. I ordered 2 bentos from Japan because of your site! I'm a core-follower, too, so I am pretty psyched to start practicing the art of Bento.

  2. :o)

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Look up also and

    Those two are other good places to learn!



  3. Ok Willow I can't let my husband see your blog or I will have to make him a bento (he comes home for lunch) and wrap it in furoshiki -sp?- A while ago he got into furoshiki and wrapped all his presents like that. I had to make him stop...he was making me look bad lol. I LOVE how your lunch looks but I am a stay at home mom so no bento for me. Laura (from the core board)

  4. Willow, Don't have specialty stores near where I live. Have you found bento box's at department or chain stores? I would like to buy a couple