Friday, May 9, 2008

Oops, swam too long!

This morning I went to the gym and after my "regular" cardio, I went for a swim. I hadn't counted in the time it takes to put on the swimsuit and everything, or the shower time at the end (when I don't swim I take a shower at home). I got home at 7!

So, I had like 5 minutes to put the bentos together cause my husband had to go to work! I had leftover couscous and roasted veggies, that's it, so I went digging in the fridge.

Here's my box:

Top left corner (top tier) you can see rather plain couscous, it's curried lightly, but had it with spicy food last night so it's not too spicy. In the same tier, you have the roasted yellow carrots and asparagus. I added Canadian Bacon on skewers. I only have 3 slices, but on skewers like that it looks like a lot doesn't it? I added a tomato to keep stuff in place.

In the lower tier, I have steamed lentils (TJ) and cut up honey dew melon. In the little yellow container, I have honey to pour on the melon.

My husband's box is a little different, here's what it looks like:

In the top tier (left) he has the same couscous, and I made his skewers with mesquite turkey slices instead of Canadian bacon. He also has the roasted veggies (hidden under the skewers). Half hidden on the left is cheese sticks, I don't even know what kind. He had leftover of a block of cheese, and I cut thick sticks out of it.

In the lower tier, he has steamed lentils, cut up yellow carrots, and raisins for dessert.

My husband was quite sick for the last few days, so I boosted the proteins a little to give him strength since it's his first day back to work.

I have to say that with the time I had to put this together, I'm pretty happy with how the boxes turned out. The cutsy curse never ends! :o)

Happy Bento everyone!!!

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