Sunday, May 18, 2008

Starting my week

This week I want to try something out!

I have several differently shaped bentos, but somehow I always use the same format. So this week I want to use a different box every day. I don't know that I have 6 different "format" of boxes, but at least not two days in a row the same box shape. We'll see how that goes!

Today I needed a breakfast bento, like every Sunday. I had some stuff to play with, and kept it very simple. Here's what my box looked like:

I used my round box that I bought at Kamei while Mom was in town. It has 3 separately removable containers which divides the box in 3 equal parts. I'm really falling in love with that box, it's simple, and yet very versatile.

Clockwise, starting on top:

1st tier: I have sliced cucumbers and a container of Baba ghannouj that I bought at the Farmer's Market in Santa Rosa.

2nd tier: I have a layer of rather plain bulgur and 2 hard boiled eggs (small ones) halved (I had to cut one of the half to make it fit in without mushing them up).

3rd tier: I have steamed broccoli and shredded carrots with salt, pepper, and cilantro.

It was very tasty, and very filling. I didn't have lunch until 1pm, and I wasn't starving in any way.

Tomorrow, I'll be eating leftovers. It was so good tonight, it's got to be good again tomorrow!!

Happy Bento everybody!

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