Friday, May 16, 2008

My first "Sushi Bowl"... kind of...

Today I'm home, so I made my bento and ate it right away. I wanted to try and make a "Sushi Bowl" but I didn't want to use rice. So here's what I did:

I used my "round box" I got from Kamei (didn't want to use my cute Donburi box that my husband got me for my birthday cause I didn't want it to smell like shrimp). I removed the 3 containers that usually divides it to make it work.

1- I put a layer of Bulghur that I soaked with chicken broth, salt and pepper. Ideally you want to use sushi rice, but I felt rebellious today! ;op

2- On top of that, I put pieces of avocado, spread over the whole surface. After slicing the avocado, I coated it in lime juice to keep it green.

3- Then I sliced a mini-cucumber and halved half of the slices. I stood those half-rounds between the avocado pieces to add dimension to the whole thing (thanks to the WW Core board for the english lesson AND entertainment LOL). I put the rounds here and there wherever there was space left, covering some, but not all, of the avocado. (I wanted both the cucumber and avocado to show through).

4- I sprinkled shredded carrots over the whole thing (for color).

5- I placed steamed shrimps over the whole thing, spacing them enough to see the layers under them. It'd be better with slightly smaller shrimps, but I had only those (I buy them frozen at Costco).

I love to eat food that makes me happy. I'm not talking about eating a chocolate cake to "feed my sorrow" but I'm talking about "fun foods" that looks and tastes neat!

That bento would be a great carry around box if it was given time to cool completely before closing!

I did make a bento yesterday, but forgot to take a picture! :o( I had like 2 minutes to put it together and go.

I used my 2 tier red longish box(I have 3 of those, a yellow one, a blue one that my husband uses, and a red one). There wasn't anything overly inspiring in it, but still! I had 3 small rice balls over lettuce, the rest of my tiny eggs boiled and halved (so cute! I'm out!) and veggies with guacamole.

Ah the life of a sub teacher! Bento on, my friends, bento on!

Happy bento!


  1. That looks delicious. Mmm, avocado and shrimp! Good bento!

  2. It was delicious! For real! Easy and quick too!

    Thanks for your comment :o)