Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 days in one!

Ok, so I'm catching up! In this post, I have the bentos I made yesterday, and the ones I made today!

Yesterday first! Tuesday night I had dinner alone since my husband was stuck at work due to an accident on 101. I made myself a simple vegetable curry with Zucchini, tomatoes and beans. I used that along with whatever I could find in the fridge to fill our bentos Wednesday morning:

Seen up close, here's my box:

In the lower tier (left): there's steamed broccoli and shredded carrots, and cucumber-lean ham skewers.

In the top tier I have the vegetable curry, red bell pepper pieces, and a container of guacamole.

Here's my husband's box:

It doesn't show on the picture really, but his pieces of ham on the skewers were about double mine, and he had more steamed veggies too! Otherwise, he had the exact same lunch I did.

I always add a little bag of baby carrots to his lunch, and a banana for snack.

Today I didn't have anything ready to go, so I went fishing for bento fare in the freezer and got inventive. Here's my box:

In the top tier (left) I have round Onigiri on cucumber slices, and a little cup of lentils. The red pieces are diced red bell pepper I put in for color.

In the lower tier (right) I had steamed broccoli, red bell pepper pieces and shredded carrots. In the little cup I had black beans, lentils cooked in BBQ sauce to which I added TJ Tomato-less corn salsa after it was off the fire (about a tablespoon).

I cooked the beans and lentil real quick in the morning and it was delicious! There's a lot of lentils in the bentos today, but I wanted to use up the ones I had before they go bad.

My husband's box was the exact same thing as mine. Here it is:

So there, I've been back on the bento wagon, just didn't have time to post much. I fine myself going more and more toward vegetarian bentos, adding ham or Canadian bacon here and there when the vegetarian fare is not high enough in proteins.

I just find vegetarian fare easier to deal with. There isn't the issue of contaminating everything like there is with chicken for example. That's a good thing when you're in a hurry in the morning.

For dinner tonight I made ground turkey with vegetables. I have a lot of leftovers so be assured that you'll get some turkey bentos soon! :o)

Happy Bento everybody!

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  1. I love your bento boxes! Good looking food tastes better!