Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Bentos since mid January

Hello there,

We're still moving, only a few days to go. I decided that the "new look" of the blogs wasn't working for me, so I stripped the whole thing down and will rework it when I can breathe again after we're all moved.

In the meantime I've been taking pictures of Bentos here and there and decided to post those here. Unfortunately I don't remember the dates or details of most Bentos I took picture of, it's been crazy around here, but here they are:

This is a Bento I did after one of my "Whole Food expedition". I bought this funky broccoli that is all spiky and spirally. I love it! With that I have cucumber flowers, sliced strawberries, precooked chicken (that you can buy in the deli section of any grocery store) and a broiled Onigiri.

Oh and there's also clover sprouts under the Onigiri! I don't like Alfafa but I like clover sprouts!

My husband has the same thing with a wedge of laughing cow light added. He also have a little more chicken and an extra Onigiri.

This one I'm not so sure. I know that I had made a sort of chicken and bean dish with carrots. I couldn't define is precisely. It was good though! With that I have brown rice. It was a last minute no time to think Bento and it shows.

My husband has the same thing with two Mini Babybel cheese.

That was a sad Bento day...

This is my husband's "Fortune Bento" #1. I made it after I packed my Bento gear so he's got an aluminum foil container in there. I'm trying to find more interesting ways of taking pictures. Bear with me I'm having fun!

He's got leftover baked chicken, cucumber edamame salad, 2 broiled Onigiri and 2 Mini Babybel light cheese.

Finally! This is another Fortune Bento ("Bento de Fortune" in French, which mean something made with whatever you can do with whatever you have). He has leftover steak with a corn/bean salad, couscous, carrot sticks and a mini Babybel cheese.

There you have it! I'm still bento-ing, though not as much as I should. Soon I'll be able to set a new routine for myself, and I'll be close to all the interesting shops on Clement st!

Happy Bento Everybody!